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Child Support

St. Mary Parish Child Support Lawyer

St. Mary Parish Child Custody Modification Attorney

We live in turbulent times, economically and otherwise. If you have lost your job, been forced to consider moving out of state or become concerned with the welfare of your children under the current custody arrangement, you are far from alone.

Any of these situations and numerous other substantial life changes, including positive ones, may justify modification of certain court orders issued in your divorce. We can help. The lawyers at our firm, Ramsey, Skiles, Streva & Bourgeois, LLC, in St. Mary Parish, will thoroughly evaluate your situation and guide you through each step required to modify child support or child custody.

Nicole Dufrene Streva, our local family law attorney, has over 10 years’ experience and has handled hundreds of family law cases involving child support and custody.

Has There Been a Major Change Since Your Divorce?

Although every decision you make and every order issued in your divorce is important, no one can anticipate the turns life will take in the years that follow. Louisiana family law provides for modifications of custody, visitation, support and permanent periodic alimony orders due to a "material change of circumstances." A few examples include:

  • A change in the custodial parent's home that adversely affects children, such as an abusive person moving in or the presence of criminal activity or addiction
  • A job layoff or other unavoidable decrease in income that justifies a reduction in court-ordered child support

An Agreement Between Parents Is Not Enough

It is critical to understand that all verbal or informal agreements not to abide by court orders involve serious risk. This is especially true between divorced couples or unmarried parents, who may change their minds and take action later regardless of what was said. If the change you are seeking is necessary due to something beyond your control and/or in the best interest of your child, a modification is likely realistic and obtainable with the help of knowledgeable legal counsel.

Engaging With You to Understand Your Needs and Find Solutions

If you want child support relief, a change in custody or parenting time, or guidance on issues related to child relocation, we urge you to contact us at 985-395-9247.

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