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South Louisiana Misdemeanor Lawyer

Representation in South Louisiana: South Louisiana Area Criminal Defense Attorney

At The Law Office of Ramsey, Skiles, Streva & Bourgeois, LLC, we provide aggressive, resourceful defense for adults and young people charged with a wide range of misdemeanor offenses, including driving under the influence (DUI), marijuana or other drug possession, traffic crimes and property crimes. We are committed to protecting each client's rights and criminal record through in-depth analysis of each case and aggressive pursuit of the best legal options.

Caring, Resourceful Defense Against DUI, Drug Possession and Other Charges

The St. Mary Parish and South Louisiana misdemeanor attorneys at our firm are highly familiar replica watches with the Louisiana Criminal Code that determines the seriousness of charges against you. Our attorneys also know the procedures and many officials governing municipal and district courts throughout our service area — which includes Terrebonne Parish, St. Mary Parish, Lafourche Parish, St. Martin Parish, Iberia Parish, Assumption Parish, St. Martin Parish and Lafayette Parish. Contact us for counsel if you are accused of an offense such as:

  • DUI — whether for testing over the limit or refusing to take a breath or blood test, and whatever the exact circumstances of the arrest
  • Misdemeanor drug possession or possession of paraphernalia, including marijuana possession and other controlled substance charges for which conviction means an automatic driver's license suspension
  • Shoplifting, petty theft or another misdemeanor property crime
  • Serious traffic offenses charged as misdemeanors, such as reckless driving and careless driving — which may seriously jeopardize the standard or commercial driver's license (CDL) essential to keeping your job
  • Protective Orders/temporary restraining orders

We know that anyone can make a mistake — and that includes the police.best replica watches We will tailor our defense strategy to the facts of your case and your priorities, such as avoiding a criminal conviction that jeopardizes your job.

Working Hard and Working Smart to Make a Difference for Each Client

Our attorneys are resourceful negotiators who work effectively with prosecutors in justice, juvenile and municipal courts in pursuit of options such as deferred sentencing, drug or alcohol counseling and more. We will treat you with respect and strive to get you through a tough situation with your life intact.

To work with a lawyer who will spell out your options clearly and go all-out in your defense against a misdemeanor charge such as DUI or drug possession, please call or e-mail us now and request a free initial consultation.

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