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St. Mary Parish Probate Lawyer

St. Mary Parish Wills and Successions Attorney

When you work hard and do your best to provide for your family, it becomes essential to take legal steps to ensure that assets and property will be distributed the way you want when you pass away. When a family member dies, it can be equally important to have a solid St. Mary Parish probate attorney at your side to guide you through Replique Montre Cartier a legal process that can be intimidating. At The Law Firm of Ramsey, Skiles, Streva & Bourgeois, LLC, you can work with a skilled, caring lawyer who has extensive experience in all aspects of Louisiana wills and successions, including the resolution of disputes when someone dies without a will or when the handling of an estate comes into question. We Replique montre Replique offer complete, hands-on services in these areas, whether your needs are fairly straightforward or more complex.

Drafting Wills, Trusts and Other Legally Sound Estate Planning Documents

Almost everyone — and literally everyone with children — needs a basic estate plan. Some people need only a few relatively straightforward documents such as a will, a power of attorney designating a trusted individual to make decisions, and a living will or "health care directive" to make your wishes about Replique Montre medical care clear should you be unable to make them for yourself. We help people across the cultural spectrum of life in Louisiana safeguard their assets for their spouses and the generation that follows.

Handling Probate and Estate Litigation When Disputes Arise

Unfortunately, family members and other parties sometimes run into serious issues when "intestate succession" is required due to the absence of a valid will. Serious issues may also arise even if there is a will. If you need to pursue your interest in any estate dispute, our representation and services may be ideal for you.

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