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St. Mary Parish Family Law Court Lawyer

St. Mary Parish Divorce Attorneys

Every family is unique, and every family dispute must be handled with both sensitivity and objectivity. Not only do emotions run extremely high, but the laws involved are complex. Relying on the experience and legal advice of friends and family members could be a mistake you seriously regret.

If you are considering divorce, have decided you must divorce or are dealing with problems afterward, you need a lawyer on your side who will get to know you and take all your concerns seriously. Your family law court attorney should be a proven trial lawyer as well as a caring legal counselor for you, especially if your case involves children or potential disputes over property and debts.

Active Support and Skilled Representation in Divorce, Custody and Property Matters

At The Law Firm of Ramsey, Skiles, IWC Replica Streva & Bourgeois, LLC, based in St. Mary Parish and representing men and women throughout South Louisiana, we take pride in putting children's best interests first and helping our clients find the best paths to resolution of family law disputes. As lifelong South Louisiana area residents with families of our own, we can relate to the challenges you face and recommend solutions that make sense for you both personally and financially. You can turn to our law firm with confidence that we will present clear options and defend your interests assertively in matters of:

  • Uncontested divorce, attainable fairly quickly and affordably if you and your divorcing spouse are in agreement on all essential decisions
  • Contested divorce that may require extensive negotiations or a trial to resolve disputed issues
  • Child custody and visitation — often the most emotionally charged area parents must deal with in divorce or afterward
  • Child support and custody modifications made necessary by job loss, changes in children's needs, parental behaviors that emerge or other significant changes in circumstances
  • Community property matters
  • Spousal support issues
  • Restraining orders

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We are ready to listen to your needs and work hard to put you in the best position possible for a positive outcome and successful life after divorce. If it comes down to a fight in court,www.timereps.org you can count on maximum effort and loyalty to you as our client. To talk through your needs and concerns about your legal matter, please contact us now.

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