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Child Custody

St. Mary Parish Child Custody Lawyer

St. Mary Parish Area Child Visitation Attorney

Disagreements over where children will live and how much time they will spend with each parent often take center stage in contested divorces all throughout Louisiana. Perhaps more than any other issue, mothers and fathers stick to their guns on certain aspects of child custody and visitation, and the St. Mary Parish child custody attorneys at our firm offer répliques montres representation to help families emerge with the greatest stability possible.

Sound, Realistic Guidance on Your Custody Rights and Case

The first principle to understand if you are evaluating your position in a dispute over child custody or visitation is that Louisiana family courts attempt to always prioritize the best interests of the child or children involved. At The Law Office of Ramsey, Skiles, Streva & Bourgeois, LLC, our lawyers support this principle wholeheartedly, but we also know that in divorce — and sometimes afterward — mothers and fathers often disagree intensely on what that means.

Legal Knowledge and Determination to Protect Your Parental Rights

Leveraging more than 100 years of combined experience practicing law, our attorneys offer knowledge and objectivity to help you make the best decisions about custody and parenting time. We strive for negotiated solutions, but when one parent is unreasonable, we stand prepared and willing to go the distance for our client. Our experience and capabilities extend to:

  • Seeking sole physical custody for mothers and fathers who want their children to live with them full time, as well as joint physical custody to divide time equally between two households
  • Ensuring that our clients obtain sole or joint legal custody entitling them to authority in decision making vital to their children's lives and futures
  • Creating innovative solutions and flexible shared parenting plans for military families and parents with demanding work and travel requirements
  • Dealing proactively and skillfully with complex issues such as grandparents' visitation rights, allegations of domestic abuse and violence, parental relocation and more
  • Obtaining child support and custody modifications when circumstances change after divorce

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Helping parents reach settlements that work for everyone — and litigating aggressively to protect our clients' parental rights when necessary — are clear strengths in our family law practice. Please contact us if you want to fight for custody or work out a creative settlement that serves your children's needs and does justice to you as a loving mother or father.

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